Partner Pulsing


Learn a bodywork practice to deepen the connection to your partner

This is a private online session where I guide you and your partner through an hour of relaxation and connection. This is not a sexual practice.

What is Holistic Pulsing?

Holistic Pulsing is a bodywork practice that gets you from feeling tired, stressed and disconnected to feeling well-rested, at peace and deeply connected to your partner.



What does that mean?

Holistic Pulsing is often a deep, deep relaxation.

It can also be a calm feeling of being energized.

It can be healing.

It can be the release of past pain.

It can be dreaming.

It can be sleep.

It can be a simple feeling of being held and safe.

Holistic Pulsing is not about you doing something to your partner that will make them feel better, but rather you being with your partner in that practice in order for their body to see what it needs in this very moment.

In short: This is a time just for the two of you to recharge!

What are people saying?

Barbara Galletti

Barbara Galletti

Virtual Assistant, USA

My first experience with Holistic Pulsing was so relaxing. After working as a nanny for 9 years, I now know what the babies used to feel when I rocked them to sleep. Such a good feeling. I am pretty sure that I briefly fell asleep during my session. I definitely recommend more people do this to see if this helps them relax.

Melanie Meiland

Melanie Meiland

World Traveler & Sailer, Germany

I tried Holistic Pulsing for the first time and was completely blown away. The soft passive movements relaxed me like nothing ever before while I could still actively feel into the pulsations in my body. Kim was very empathetic and I felt well taken care of.

What does a Holistic Partner Pulsing session look like?

Your roadmap

A full session is an experience of 60 minutes.

In the beginning, we will have a short 5 minutes consultation about how you are feeling that day if you have specific wishes for the Holistic Pulsing or any physical and/or emotional health information you would like to share with me.

I walk you through some preparatory exercises.

The Holistic Pulsing itself is 20 minutes long.

Afterwards you have space to rest and share with your partner.

Then we will close the session together.

What are the benefits of Holistic Pulsing?

Sense of Touch

During a Holistic Pulsing session your sense of touch is fully activated and positively stimulated. The power of human touch can guide you into a new felt sense of your body!

Sense of Balance

The soft movements affect all levels of the body and bring it back into an equilibrium. Find your way back to physical and emotional harmony. Let yourself be rocked into balance!

Sense of Self

Every cell in our body remembers. The passive movement of Holistic Pulsing gives our body space to process experiences within a movement that we do not have to control!

Is Holistic Partner Pulsing for me?

Yes, if...

  • you have a stressful day-to-day life and just want to relax with your partner in a safe space
  • you are often tense and want to teach your body and mind to let go in everyday life
  • you just want to learn a simple practice you can do with your partner before falling asleep
  • you love dreaming away and want to treat yourself and indulge in it
  • you want to learn how to feel into what you want and need and verbalize that
  • you want to take back to your voice and don’t just tolerate when something does not feel great
  • you want to reframe your experiences by simply giving them space
  • you often feel depleted and want to have more energy in your life
  • you simply want to gift yourself and your partner the best connection couple-care you can imagine

What can a Holistic Pulsing session entail?

Body Pulsing

It is the basis for any deeper forms of pulsing. Even if only one part of your body is touched, it impacts all parts at once. There is the option of having a more active pulsing which has a bigger impact on loosening the muscles. You can also have a more subtle pulsing which leads to deeper relaxation and influences the emotional system.

Limbs Pulsing

It mainly focuses on the muscle system and joints. The muscles and joints are loosened and activated through a more active and engaged form of Holistic Pulsing. It thus helps your body to let go.

Organ Pulsing

It has a direct impact on your organs. Here you can stay with one organ for up to 20 minutes. It is a deep, slow and soft form of Holistic Pulsing. It is great for when you want a specific focus during a Pulsing and have aleady had experience with body pulsing.

Chakra Pulsing

It is done on a very subtle and energetic level by pulsing one or more of the seven main chakras along the spine. Thereby one can address certain topics and concepts connected to the different chakras.

What are people  saying?

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

Online Entrepreneur, England

During the Holistic Pulsing I could relax as well as I haven’t been able to in my life before. If you are lucky enough to book a session with Kim, you won’t regret it. Kim is incredibly professional and always makes sure that there is a calming atmosphere during the sessions. Huge recommendation!

Sarah Lexen

Sarah Lexen

World Traveler & POUND Fitness Trainer, Mallorca

This was a whole new experience for me and I was surprised at how much I fell into a trance. The feeling of the Pulsing was one of a kind, during and after! Kim is doing a wonderful job. She is very passionate about what she is doing and individually customizes the Pulsing for you. Fantastic – much recommended!

Nadine Pinner

Nadine Pinner

Freelancer & Copywriter, Germany

I attended one of Kim’s Pulsing Sessions, as well as yoga at a retreat in Morocco. The session was really enjoyable. I could totally let go. Kim’s way of being is very calm, empathetic and respectful. I’d love to book a session with her anytime again.



Can Holistic Pulsing help with my muscle tightness?
Yes, it can. Holistic Pulsing affects the whole body. Every cell of it is brought into a soft movement. Yet if your body is not ready to let go of some of the tightness then Holistic Pulsing won’t force that. We are not working “on” the body but “with” the body. Sometimes our bodies hold on to some tightness because we need it in some area of our life. That being said, it is likely that the Pulsing will gently guide your body towards letting go.
Is Holistic Pulsing an healing practice?
Yes and no. Holistic Pulsing can help you on your healing journey, yet it won’t heal you magically. Healing from physical and emotional pain is always a process and Holistic Pulsing can be a helpful hand along the way. Give it a try and see if it is for you.
Are there any contra indications to doing Holistic Pulsing?
Yes. Holistic Pulsing is not recommended for people who are dealing with any of the following: contagious (skin) diseases, heart diseases, psychotic and highly neurotic diseases, drug addictions, acute thrombosis.
What is the payment process?

You will be send all payment information after you have scheduled an appointment for the session. Simply click on any of the “BOOK WITH ME” buttons to be forwarded to our booking system.


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