Holistic Partner Pulsing

A cutting-edge energetic healing bodywork practice for couples!

Get this on-demand online course to learn this powerful bodywork practice that rekindles deep physical and emotional connection: strengthen your relationship and encourage self-healing of body and mind.

Everybody deserves to feel loved and deeply connected!

 But there is a problem…

With long to-do lists and busy lives, couples often struggle to find quality one-on-one time together to relax leading to disconnection and loneliness within the relationship, and the constant stress in everyday life causes health problems.


  • A busy work schedule is demanding your attention
  • Managing family, friends, and hobbies takes all your energy
  • What you have tried so far just isn’t working (enough)
  • Other partner online courses seem like a lot of work
  • You crave dropping into deep rest within minutes
  • You miss gentle touch in your life
  • You know and long for the feeling of that space between being awake and dreaming and LOVE it – think Savasana 2.0

    Holistic Partner Pulsing has everything you need to access deep relaxation that helps you live a longer, happier, healthier, and deeply connected life. And for a fraction of a cost of other partner courses. 

    What are people saying?

    Barbara Galletti

    Barbara Galletti

    Virtual Assistant, USA

    My first experience with Holistic Pulsing was so relaxing. After working as a nanny for 9 years, I now know what the babies used to feel when I rocked them to sleep. Such a good feeling. I am pretty sure that I briefly fell asleep during my session. I definitely recommend more people do this to see if this helps them relax.

    Melanie Meiland

    Melanie Meiland

    World Traveler & Sailer, Germany

    I tried Holistic Pulsing for the first time and was completely blown away. The soft passive movements relaxed me like nothing ever before while I could still actively feel into the pulsations in my body. Kim was very empathetic and I felt well taken care of.

    When it comes to the impact of stress on your 



    & relationship

    I feel your pain

    Feel well-rested and energized at the same time

    The body takes from Holistic Pulsing exactly what it needs. Learn to trust your body again and let it take the lead.

    Be healthier

    Many have tried a variety of bodywork and personal development tools before finally discovering a relief of physical and mental tension in Holistic Pulsing.

    Feel connected to the people you love

    Over 50 people have already experienced the power of Holistic Partner Pulsing and human touch to give and receive love in the form of Pulsing.

    What are the benefits of Holistic Pulsing?

    Sense of Touch

    During a Holistic Pulsing session your sense of touch is fully activated and positively stimulated. The power of human touch can guide you into a new felt sense of your body!

    Sense of Balance

    The soft movements affect all levels of the body and bring it back into an equilibrium. Find your way back to physical and emotional harmony. Let yourself be rocked into balance!

    Sense of Self

    Every cell in our body remembers. The passive movement of Holistic Pulsing gives our body space to process experiences within a movement that we do not have to control!

    How to rekindle deep physical and emotional connection through holistic partner pulsing

    1. Sign up to the Holistic Partner Pulsing online course

    2. Receive your login details via Email

    3. Login and start unwinding and connecting with your partner


    1. Introduction to Holistic Partner Pulsing
    • Welcome [VIDEO]
    • What is Holistic Pulsing? [VIDEO]
    • Holistic Pulsing vs Holistic Partner Pulsing [VIDEO]
    • What can Holistic Partner Pulsing do for you and your partner? [VIDEO]
    • How to use this course? [VIDEO]
    • Let me get to know you! [CHECK-IN]
    2. Exploration Exercises
    • What does Holistic Pulsing feel like? [VIDEO]
    • Let’s explore: Exercise 1 “The Self Pulse” [VIDEO]
    • Let’s explore: Exercise 2 “The Baby Pulse” [VIDEO]
    • Let’s explore: Exercise 3 “Imaginative Meditation” [AUDIO]
    • [CHECK-IN]
    3. Pulsing Positions
    • On Your Back [VIDEO]
    • On Your Front [VIDEO]
    • On Your Side [VIDEO]
    • Where should you pulse your partner on? [VIDEO]
    • [CHECK-IN]
    4. Communication
    • How to communicate during Pulsing sessions [VIDEO]
    • Let’s explore: Exercise 1 – “The Extremes” [VIDEO]
    • Let’s explore: Exercise 2 – “Standing Up Pulsing” [VIDEO]
    • Standing Up Pulsing [GUIDED AUDIO SESSION]
    • [CHECK-IN]
    5. The Hip Pulse
    • What is the hip pulse? [VIDEO]
    • The Hip Pulse – On Your Back [VIDEO]
    • The Hip Pulse – On Your Front [VIDEO]
    • The Hip Pulse – On Your Side [VIDEO]
    • The Hip Pulse [GUIDED AUDIO SESSION]
    6. The Leg & Feet Pulses
    • What are the leg and feet pulses? [VIDEO]
    • The Upper & Lower Leg Pulses [VIDEO]
    • The Knee Pulse [VIDEO]
    • The Feet Pulses [VIDEO]
    • The Legs & Feet Pulses [GUIDED AUDIO SESSION]
    7. The Heart & Chest Pulses
    • What are the heart & chest pulses? [VIDEO]
    • The Heart Pulse [VIDEO]
    • The Chest Pulse [VIDEO]
    • The Heart & Chest Pulses [GUIDED AUDIO SESSION]
    8. The Belly & Sacrum Pulses
    • What are the belly & sacrum pulses? [VIDEO]
    • The Belly Pulse [VIDEO]
    • The Sacrum Pulse [VIDEO]
    • The Belly & Sacrum Pulses [GUIDED AUDIO SESSION]
    9. Ongoing Practice
    • You did it! [VIDEO]
    • Ongoing Practice [VIDEO]
    • What’s next?

    How can Holistic Partner Pulsing help us?

    Stressful work days. Long family days of care work. You are supporting your parents. Your friends want to hang out, too. Yet the only thing you want is to recharge while feeling connected to the people you love. Your body is struggling and your health declining. Pains and aches and exhaustion.

    You simply feel overwhelmed with it all.

    When it comes to the impact of stress on your body, mind, and relationships, I feel your pain. Holistic Partner Pulsing is all about teaching you a simple, quick, and incredibly powerful bodywork technique you can do with your partner that gets you out of the stress response and into relaxation mode. Research has shown that stress was designed by evolution to help us survive by triggering the “fight or flight” response in our bodies. But continued stress actually does the opposite…

    Read more

    • MUSCLES: If you’re constantly under stress, your muscles may not get the chance to relax. Tight muscles cause headaches, back and shoulder pain, and body aches. Chronic pain like this over time, can lead to you quitting exercise and turning to constant self-medication.
    • DIGESTION: Did you know that stress can also affect the way food moves through your body? It could lead to diarrhea or constipation.
    • IMMUNE SYSTEM: People under chronic stress can more easily fall victim to viral illnesses like the flu and the common cold, as well as other infections. 
    • HEART: With constant stress, your heart has to work too hard for too long. When your blood pressure rises, so do your risks of having a stroke or heart attack. 
    • ADDICTION: Chronic stress can impact overeating or not eating enough, alcohol or drug abuse, and social withdrawal.  
    • SEXUALITY: If stress continues for a long time, it impacts hormon levels which can affect the menstrual cycle and libido negatively.

    As a certified Holistic Pulsing practitioner, I have already guided over 50 people through the process of Holistic Partner Pulsing to give and receive love in the form of relaxation and care.

    The participants have found that softly rocking, or pulsing, your person from side to side, as it is done in Holistic Partner Pulsing, is the ultimate relaxation experience for both partners. It sounds so simple, yet is so very powerful.

    Many have tried a variety of bodywork and personal development tools before finally discovering a relief of physical and mental tension in Holistic Pulsing.

    I guarantee an easy learning experience of this bodywork practice in the online space. This is done through guided meditations and experimentation on the own body in order to feel into the sensation of Pulsing first before practicing with your partner. I guarantee that if after completion of the course, you still feel like you need more guidance you will get a free of charge privately guided Zoom session. 

    Feel well-rested and energized. Feel calm and peaceful. Feel connected and loved. Feel held and taken care of. Feel good in your body and content. Be less stressed and less tense. Be healthier! Let go of physical and mental pain. Learn to communicate more clearly and learn to appreciate your person deeply. 

    In this online course, you will be guided from feeling tired, stressed, and disconnected to becoming the most relaxed version of yourself. Get access to Holistic Partner Pulsing today and see your health improve and your relationships deepen!

    The Holistic Partner Pulsing online course will guide you from feeling tired, stressed, and disconnected, to feeling well-rested, calm, and loved.

    Steve Taylor

    Steve Taylor

    Online Entrepreneur, England

    During the Holistic Pulsing I could relax as well as I haven’t been able to in my life before. If you are lucky enough to book a session with Kim, you won’t regret it. Kim is incredibly professional and always makes sure that there is a calming atmosphere during the sessions. Huge recommendation!

    Sarah Lexen

    Sarah Lexen

    World Traveler & POUND Fitness Trainer, Mallorca

    This was a whole new experience for me and I was surprised at how much I fell into a trance. The feeling of the Pulsing was one of a kind, during and after! Kim is doing a wonderful job. She is very passionate about what she is doing and individually customizes the Pulsing for you. Fantastic – much recommended!

    Nadine Pinner

    Nadine Pinner

    Freelancer & Copywriter, Germany

    I attended one of Kim’s Pulsing Sessions, as well as yoga at a retreat in Morocco. The session was really enjoyable. I could totally let go. Kim’s way of being is very calm, empathetic and respectful. I’d love to book a session with her anytime again.

    INVESTMENT for deeper connections Only…


    Can Holistic Pulsing help with my muscle tightness?

    Yes, it can. Holistic Pulsing affects the whole body. Every cell of it is brought into a soft movement. Yet if your body is not ready to let go of some of the tightness then Holistic Pulsing won’t force that. We are not working “on” the body but “with” the body. Sometimes our bodies hold on to some tightness because we need it in some area of our life. That being said, it is likely that the Pulsing will gently guide your body toward letting go and support your healing process.

    Is Holistic Pulsing an healing practice?
    Yes and no. Holistic Pulsing can help you on your healing journey, yet it won’t heal you magically. Healing from physical and emotional pain is always a process and Holistic Pulsing can be a helpful hand along the way. Give it a try and see if it is for you.
    Are there any contra indications to doing Holistic Pulsing?
    Yes. Holistic Pulsing is not recommended for people who are dealing with any of the following: contagious (skin) diseases, heart diseases, psychotic and highly neurotic diseases, drug addictions, acute thrombosis.
    What is the payment process?

    You can pay via Credit Card through our system.

    Is this course a Practitioner Training and can I do Holistic Pulsing with my clients after this course?

    No! This course is not a practitioner training. This course is teaching you the basics of Holistic Pulsing so you and your partner can pulse each other and enjoy this powerful practice at home.


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